• Gynecology & Obstetrics

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significantly life-altering events and Rajnish Hospital does everything possible to see that it remains so. The Centre offers a host of facilities to ensure high quality antenatal care to treatment for expectant mothers, new mothers and babies.

The Centre deals with the entire spectrum from reproductive health to pregnancy care, child birth and postpartum care, thus ensuring the safest possible conception, pregnancy, delivery and post delivery care with the support of a committed & patient-centric team of experienced clinicians and specialist nursing staff.

The center for gynecology & Obstetrics specialises in:

  • Painless Deliveries
  • Normal and Assisted Vaginal Deliveries
  • Routine Gyneac and Obstetric Surgery
  • Caesarean Section
  • Hysterectomies
  • Repair of Prolapse
  • Removal of Ovarian, tumor, fibroid
  • Advances Endoscopic Surgeries
  • Urogynocological procedures
  • Management of high risk pregnancies
  • Genetic counseling and diagnosis
  • Family Planning
  • Adolescent Gynaec Problems
  • Well Baby Clinic
  • Cancer Screening in Gynecology
  • Gynacological Cancer Surgeries
  • Infertility –One of the Best IVF center
  • Lactation Consultation
  • Counseling – Premarital, Prenatal , Postnatal, etc
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