• Pathology

The department of Pathology at Rajnish Hospital is equipped to carry out a wide range of tests in the areas Hematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology Clinical Pathology, Serology Immunology and Microbiology.

  • The department operates round the clock on all days to ensure that tests are carried out and reports are made available on time for in-patients as well as out-patients.
  • The samples on outpatient basis and in-patient basis are accepted round the clock by the Department and the processing of the test is done as per the request of the patient or the clinician.
  • The results of the routine in-patients’ investigations are displayed “on line” in the wards and the ICUs of the Hospital.
  • The department has all modern state of art auto analyzers. All equipment is well maintained.
  • There are multiple quality checks and the Department goes through internal, external quality assurance programs and also does inter laboratory comparative assays to maintain the quality of reports issued to the patients.
  • Special tests are performed as per the laboratory schedule but on patient’s request or clinician’s request the service is provided under certain conditions.
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